Tuesday, October 6, 2009

off off and away~

and then there were two... yet!.. the third not lost, just gone down south to koahsiung for the next week. on a whim, spontaneity my guide, and feathers plumed for new ventures, independence, and breathing easy. i have decided to pursue new avenues and by avenues i do not mean winding down the streets-sections-lanes-alleyways of taipei, but the beautiful island orient that is the rest of taiwan. and while yes that means that i will be leaving in november, i no longer have the dead weight that hangs in my chest every time i stare at the job forum board or trying to conjure some halfhearted desire to be the white round face teacher with the clear American accent.

so, tomorrow i'm off. i will travel down the east coast and make good use of the rest of my time. i will go by train to koahsiung which is near the south of the island and it should take around 5 1/2 hours which will give me enough time to plan my next move. my hostel is close to the train station, as well as 'overlooking' the love river. we'll see if this harbor view is like the 'rooftop garden' tapei hostel promised... but we do have plants so i'll give them that.


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