Tuesday, October 6, 2009

into darkest taiwan

"you'd be depressed out of your mind in the grey months of winter" "don't live there" "It's like the back woods of arkansas. no it's like alaska"

"You know i wazza lihk you. but i wazza western mercenarie, I zdid a johb like a dhat and i cracked ahfther thsree month. You will go nutz. all by youself"

"San Xia! Hahaha. you stay here then take MRT to last stop on blue. then take bus."

Quotes from ted runcie, a random french guy, and the taiwanese woman that run the hostel respectively.
They were talking about my new job. I have accepted the job. Part of my eagerness might be due to the welts on my body, remnants of the feasting of the bedbugs last night.
I'm taking some paper work to the main office now. Ashley is at her interview in Hsinchu by the beach. I hope it goes well. I may have to leave for my new job tomorrow or Friday.

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  1. Hel: I'm so sorry to hear about the bed bug bites. That really sucks. I hope they clear up really soon - it can only get better from there. I'm terrified of them. Get better soon!!-jmj