Sunday, September 20, 2009

Morning coffee and Betel Nut

Went for coffee with ashley. I think I have to give it up. It is rather expensive and no good. I will drink tea starting tomorrow.
On the walk back we passed a man selling betel nut. Ashley told me that when she was at Fulong Beach yesterday, all the lifeguards had red teeth and they were chewing it. They offered her one and she took it. I wanted to try it. She went up to the man to buy one for me. He gave it to her for free. I put it in my mouth. My mouth quickly filled with a yellow saliva. Sweet grassy taste, a slight tobacco like sting. And writing this now makes me dizzy.

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  1. The areca nut contains the alkaloid arecoline, which promotes salivation (the saliva is stained red), and is itself a stimulant. This combination, known as a "betel quid", has been used for several thousand years. Tobacco is sometimes added.

    Oh, wikipedia...