Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ashley Navigates the Healthcare system

Ashley had an earache. I think it must have hurt very much. Saturday morning she rose early, without waking us she went in search of a pharmacy or emergency room. She'd heard from the Aussi that there was a private hospital run by 7th Day Adventists that was very good and spoke English. When she arrived at the hospital she was informed there was no one who could see her (this makes sense as it was the Sabbath for this crew) and she was given directions to go to Cathay Hospital and told to take a cab. She went to Cathay. In the emergency room there were several triage windows but only one with a woman who spoke English. Ashley was seen by an ear specialist, given three kinds of prescriptions (antibiotic, ibuprofen, and eardrops) and paid and picked up her drugs in no time. Total cost (including doctor and drugs and emergency room etc...) was $NT 500 which is less than 15 dollars US. She was back befor I woke.

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  1. That's amazing. I hope she feels better!

    You know, Ashley is beginning to sound like the parent on this trip. You two kids be good and good luck on the job hunt. Is she still at the Giraffe school, or did she find another place?