Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Full Day

Forgive me. I haven't picked a voice yet. 3rd person First person, or all three in one, because it is early and it may not always be my voice anyhow. Maybe another author will take over. This is Helen.
Yesterday we arrived. We had an 8 hour lay-over in Korea. Ashley took it into her head to do some sightseeing. Megan and Helen were reluctant to leave the airport. None of us can say or read one word in Korean, though Megan tried. We had to go through Korean Immigration, and customs, Megan and Helen ate Megan's apple as fast as possible before it would be confiscated. We got a new stamp on our passports and permission to stay in Korea until December. And so we got on a bus, Ashley bubbling and smiling excitedly. Megan and Helen grinning through gritted teeth and worry clenched fists. We were on an Island. Icheon. It was still very early morning. We watch the sun push the curtain of morning beside at the busstop. The bus took us to a place called Eulwang Beach and we watched the sunrise over the mountains that framed the Yellow Sea. It was very misty and the tide was out and there were many fishing boats beached on the shore. I felt something between relief and chagrin. Those feelings became relief and gratitude when we made it back to the airport. The flight to Taiwan was short. Two hours. We are in Taipei now at a hostel which is very centrally located. It is about 9 dollars a night. We are going to stay here at least until Monday. We spoke with a Canadian man who has been staying here for almost three years. We arrived on the last day of the Deaflympics. We were very tired so for Charity's sake I am not going to record our first impressions now. It is thenmorning of a new day. Our first full day. I'll vist yesterday later tonight.


  1. wow !!!!! pics ??? had no ideathat korea was near taiwan..of course i have no idea where tiawan is either !!!!! its west of jersey i guess !!! elephants !!!!!!!! i love elepahnts !!!!!!! tell all elephants rob says hi-they know me.....

  2. figurative elephants. not real ones. silly. the realones are in thailand