Tuesday, November 10, 2009

up up and away

i waited in line gathering courage, harnessing my chi (they would say) before the elevator doors glided shut and my knees buckled slightly. i closed my eyes briefly, the light dimmed and the ceiling became a mini multi-colored planetarium with soft music in the background. this is all to distract you from the sardine packed can shooting 89 floors up up and up at bullet speed, ears popping every so often from the altitude. 40 seconds later i am on top of taipei 101, the world's largest building, staring wide-eyed at the dwarfed city below. it is sprawling every which way like an atari spider and all i can do is baffle as to where i am. i'm enraptured in the mountains that stretch back in a yawn; my eyes follow the late noon luster on the rivers, and i can see the chiang ke shiak memorial- a 10 minute walk from our long-stay hostel with my favorite steamed pork buns along the way. the view is dusky with a pearlescent glow and as i climb the last leg, i am 91 floors up where the breeze kisses gently. my prospective is as wide as the view, i'm grateful.

i am preparing my departure. thank you taiwan. thank you ladies. good luck and zai jian.

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