Wednesday, March 3, 2010


They're eating me alive. My kindergartners have changed. Since they returned from their winter vacation they have become ornery, lackadaisical, maniacal schmucks. Even the good ones, the sweet little round five year old girls, got the memo which I can only assume read "Teacher Helen is a loud pinata". They stomp on me. They ignore me. During story time I read an over-sized story book. It is so big that I have to stand up and hold it with both hands. Stanley thought it would be funny to pull down my fly. Austin thought it would be funny to eat the art supplies, and three girls decided to leave and take a walk around the school.

In better news:
I HAVE A CHINESE TUTOR!!!!!! She is Taiwanese. I meet her on Wednesdays in Taipei where she lives. Today was our first lesson. We first grabbed a bite at a dumpling shop. Then we went to little cafe that she'd been wanting to try. We walked in and there was some Taiwanese music playing. We sat down and they put on the Abba CD. Ok. They were trying to make me comfortable, I understand, but on it's second go around I looked at Vita (my tutor), she understood and asked them to change the music.
I can't wait till I can ask people to change the music.

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